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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the eebudee website is currently in beta phase, to enable ongoing testing of different features and functionality for potential inclusion in future versions of the product. We greatly value and appreciate your feedback. Further details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.


General Questions

Can I use eebudee on my mobile phone or tablet?

Absolutely! The eebudee website works on popular mobile phone and tablet browsers. We also have an iOS and Android (coming soon) app , which makes it easy to create posts and access notifications on small screen devices (like mobile phones).

Do I have to download anything to get started on eebudee?

No. The eebudee website works with most popular browsers, so you won't need any downloads or add-ons. You'll find that eebudee works best on the browsers listed below:

  • Internet Explorer, version 11 or above.
  • Firefox, version 39 or above.
  • Google Chrome, version 43 or above.
  • Safari,version 5 or above.

How do I download the eebudee app to my phone, tablet or mobile device?

You can find the eebudee app in the Apple App Store and in Google Play.

I don’t have kids or a traditional family, can I still use eebudee?

Of course! eebudee is for anyone who wants to learn about safe media. Sporting groups, parenting groups, community groups and non–traditional families all use eebudee to stay connected.


Privacy and Security

Can I export information I have shared on eebudee to Facebook or other social media websites?

eebudee is designed to be a safe and secure social media space, so we don’t include any functionality that allows you to share content to Facebook and other social media networks.

How do I sign up my child if they do not have an email address?

You can include an email address for your child, but it is not required. A parent or responsible adult must sign up a young child (under 15 years ) on their behalf. Once you have signed up for eebudee, you will be able to create a username and password for your child.

Is my content and my family's content secure?

We do not share your information with anyone and our servers are protected to strict industry security standards. Information on eebudee is also protected by encryption, and your own secure login details. This is why we recommend choosing a unique password, that you have not used on any other website before.

Who can access the information I post on eebudee?

Only the people authorised to join your eebudee Fridge can access your information on eebudee.

Who owns the content I post on eebudee?

eebudee is different to other social media websites. We do not take ownership or hold rights over any of your content. When you upload content to eebudee, you certify that you have copyright over the content or permission from the copyright owner to use the

Still not found an answer to your problem? Email us your questions at help@eebudee.com.